cat on a fence


I’m decidedly an oddity. The more I talk to other digital marketing professionals, the more I realize I just might be a marketing anomaly as well. Typically, marketers are either right- or left-brained—either super creative or really analytical. Since both sides of my brain must be occupied to keep my creativity firing on all cylinders, I’ve found my niche in the wild world of email marketing.

I see my role as an email marketer as one of balance. Every day I balance design work and email development with building and implementing campaigns that are measurable and trackable, and deliver results. And, that is the sweet spot of email marketing, where pure magic happens!

While my responsibilities keep me challenged and fulfilled at work, life isn’t all about a career. In my free time I cut fabric into small pieces only to sew them back together again (aka quilting), rhapsodize about all things Doctor Who, binge on anything sci-fi, or jump in the car to explore parts unknown. I am most at home, and alive, in the world when I am learning and creating.

I try to live my life by some pretty simple beliefs:
⧫ Deeply connect with others
⧫ Seek Right Livelihood
⧫ Live with fairness, honesty, and compassion
⧫ See the creative in everyone

I’d love to connect with you about email marketing, Doctor Who, quilting, or anything sci-fi related. Email me at jc@imjeannette.com and let’s talk!