Commercials + Kitties: Christmas Edition

Kitty waiting for Christmas

I have always been fascinated with commercials. A well-done commercial can be entertaining or endearing, funny or dramatic – and always an effective marketing tool. Then again, many commercials are, at worst repulsive, and at best, forgettable.

Since we all know cats rule the internet, I went in search of Christmas adverts with cats in them. Below is a list of commercials worth looking at – some are creepy, others try to be funny but miss the mark, and some are simply works of art.

Sainsbury’s 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

This commercial is delightful! It’s heart-warming, and funny. It’s the best marriage of Christmas sentiment and Kitty calamity.

Temptations’ 2015 – Say Sorry for the Holidays

I’m a self-proclaimed cat lady – my kitty gets pampered, spoiled, and absolutely is the head of my household. And, I have enough sense to not impose any undignified costumes on him. Obviously, I’m in the minority. This commercial features kitties donning tragic or ridiculous costumes. I see the intent of the commercial – cat owners should apologize for the indignity they impose on their cats. But somehow, the commercial misses the mark. Perhaps it’s the gloomy music in what should be a joyous celebration?

Friskies’ 2014 – Cat Questions: Christmas

I usually enjoy Friskies commercials but couldn’t find the 2015 one on YouTube so, here’s one from last year. This one is playful and imaginative. And, let’s face it, what cat owner doesn’t pretend to know what her kitty is thinking?

Walmart 2011 – Yodeling Cat

Creepy. Just creepy. Even if you LOVE yodeling, this Just. Does. Not. Work! Be warned, some things you can never unsee. This commercial is one of them!

Your Turn!

Do you have a favorite Christmas commercials? A favorite cat one? Do share!

What do you think?

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