How I Became a Brand Ambassador for Author Peter Clines

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I am an avid book reader (3-6 books per week, depending on other commitments). And, I love science-fiction the most. I follow a few of my favorite authors on Facebook. They have all written books I enjoy and bring up in conversation whilst discussing books. But out of the many authors I read and follow, I am only an avid brand advocate for one: Peter Clines.

It isn’t because I enjoy Clines’ books more than the rest or because I think he deserves increased readership more than the others, but because I have a personal online relationship with him. He is, in fact, my “online friend.” From what I can tell, most of the authors I follow on Facebook manage their own brands, but some of them are obviously managed by a third-party. This latter is great for keeping up to date with promotional information, but not much more. And, out of the many authors who manage their own FB presence, Clines is the only one who goes out of his way to reply or like most, if not all, comments on his page (and he does this on purpose). And, unlike the other authors I’ve sent private messages to, Clines actually responds to his PMs!!! He really and truly engages with his audience in a personal, genuine way. Over the past few years, Clines and I have had really nice, short conversations via PM. And because of this connection, I am invested in his success.

When Peter Clines’ most recent book, The Fold, came out in June 2015, I specifically and repeatedly promoted his work on FB, and Twitter, tagging specific people I knew are science fiction fans. I reviewed his book on all platforms I follow, Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, and more. More than that, I went out of my way to seek articles with a “list of new science fiction books to read” in order to comment on the exclusion of his excellent book, providing links to his books in the comments, whenever that is allowed. Whenever there is a sale of Peter Clines books on either Amazon or Audible, I promote them too and, when the price is right, I buy a few digital copies of his books to gift my friends all over the world.

An emotional connection with a brand or company is a very strong motivation for both purchases and advocacy – and everyone engaged in marketing should keep this at the forefront of everything they do. I don’t go to these lengths with any other author whom I follow on Facebook, or any other author, period. Because of my feelings about Clines as a person as well as my complete enjoyment of his books, I take time out of my day to do a little something to contribute to his success. And based on his increased readership and social media likes, I’m certainly not the only one of his readers who truly enjoys spreading the word of his excellent and enjoyable work.

And now, with all this mention of Clines and social media, off I go to read his FB Page and Tweeter Feed and see what’s new in his world.


~ Jeannette


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  1. What a delightfully well-written article. It’s a joy to read, but perhaps more importantly, it brings home in a crystal-clear fashion the three most important issues in digital marketing: engage, engage, engage! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.

  2. Thanks for commenting and sharing! Most folks forget – social media is – well, social! If weren’t not here to connect with one another, we’re depriving ourselves and others. 🙂

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