Starting My Internet Marketing MS Program

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I started Full Sail’s Internet Marketing Master’s program this month! I couldn’t be more thrilled!

As part of this program, I am required to keep a Tumblr for the next 12 months. It will be used for submitting assignments for all my classes. I’m not sure all those posts will be cross-posted here, but this one seemed appropriate for this blog. So, you’re welcome to see it in its native habitat or read the copy below.

My Tumblr Post: The Next 12 Months

I whole heartedly and devotedly believe in the power of the internet to connect the world. With dear friends and family scattered throughout the world, it is the internet that has kept me involved in their lives, decade after decade, and has allowed me to share mine with them. This connectedness is changing everything about our lives, including how we choose to spend our money and ways in which we shop for goods and services. Our expectations as consumers have also changed, and the companies that rise to those expectations are the ones who thrive in our ever-increasing world-wide marketplace.

Marketing in the 2010’s is a vibrant and exciting opportunity for companies to connect with their customers and for customers to connect back! What used to be a one-way communication – the company talking to consumers – has become a dance where both company and consumer are involved in a dance, where both partners take turns leading and following. As a graduate internet marketing student, my goal is to be an integral part of this dance, both from the company and from the consumer point of view.

As both an analytical and creative person with entrepreneurship and financial experience, I believe in the accountability of marketing departments to the greater whole. I also believe that marketing should not be an after-thought, but an indispensable part of product development, brand creation, and the company’s foundation. It is my hope to spend the next 12 months learning how to make these things happen.

My ultimate goal is to work for a company that firmly embodies the philosophy that “the customer is everything.” This company will see the customer not just as a potential point-of-sale, but as a human being with concerns, and will strive to address those concerns as well as sell her its products/services in the best way possible. In short, I would thrive working at a company that Philip Kotler would call a “Marketing 3.0” company.

What do you think?

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