Email Marketing Audit

How is your email marketing measuring up?

The first step in making things better is to evaluate where you are now and figure out how to get to where you want to be. When it comes to email marketing, that is where I come in.

I analyze the integral components of your current programs and evaluate the results of this channel's efforts. Then, I deliver a prioritized action plan to help you improve your email marketing efforts.

Review Components

Your email marketing audit is a comprehensive review of your current program.

Along with reviewing the overall structure, this audit also includes a deep-dive analysis of one specific campaign.

  • Strategy & Best Practices

  • Data & Metrics

  • List Health

  • Template Design & Rendering

  • Campaign Performance

Ready to get started?

Take these steps in order to get started:

  1. You complete the form on this page.

  2. I'll review your submission. If I'm the best person to help you, then I'll send you a payment request and a contract to sign.

    If, however, I'm not the best match to get your email marketing into shape, I'll do my best to find a suitable referral for you

  3. Once I receive your payment and signed contract, I'll start analyzing your email marketing program.

The Process

  • ESP Access: You give me access to your email service provider along with the name of the specific campaign you want me to deep dive (max 6 emails in 1 campaign).
  • Research: I spend a maximum of 10 business days familiarizing myself with your ideal customer and conducting my audit. 
  • Results & Prioritized Action Plan: Twelve business days after the process started, you'll receive a link to your Action Plan in the form of an Airtable document and a recorded video with my recommendations. 
  • Follow-up Phone Call: After you have had a work week to review my findings and suggestions, we'll have a 50-minute follow up call. During this call we'll go over your questions and see if you'll need help implementing all or part of your plan.

Audits are $800 (US dollars) and are the foundation for a stronger, more successful email program.

Submit the form to begin the audit process today.

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